Why Many Pastors Will Go To Hell – Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Founder and head pastor of Believers Love World, popularly known as Christ Embassy, Chris Oyakhilome left members of his church shocked with his revelation while preaching the message on Sunday.

canada Why Many Pastors Will Go To Hell – Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

According to City People, while delivering the message titled ‘The lessons of Lot’, Pastor Chris explained to his members why most pastors will not make heaven.

“Many pastors will go to hell for not obeying God, some are not called by God, some just called themselves for their personal reasons, some are in the ministry to serve their senses”, he stated.

The popular pastor said some churches started out of strife and that some pastors left their churches where they were to go and started another ministry because of anger, strife, misunderstanding or envy.

He said, “Sometimes, it is between a pastor’s wife and an assistant pastor’s wife; you need to learn to obey God in all, I don’t want any of you in such situation. Make up your mind to obey God in everything”.

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